Leadax Flashing | Easy SA

Easy SA combines the best of both worlds: it has the same look-and-feel of traditional lead and it is easy to apply. The thin membrane in combination with the two adhesive strips ensure a fast application, while remaining durable. Easy SA is thin and strong.

Leadax Flashing | Easy SA


More sustainable than lead



Easy SA is a completely circular product made from recycled polyvinyl butyral (PVB)



Leadax has won several awards for its innovative lead replacement


Ultra thin

Easy SA is just 1.65 mm thick, creating a tape-like structure



Leadax Flashing SA has two self-adhesive strips, which ensure fast application

Superior adhesive strength

Superior adhesive strength

The butyl is adhered on the PVB in such a way that it can be easily removed again at the end of Leadax Easy’s life cycle, without making any concessions to the adhesive strength during and after application. This feature means that Leadax Easy is completely removable, recyclable and therefore circular!

Various aging tests have shown that the butyl adheres well to the PVB in order to remain wind and water resistant under various weather conditions for at least 30 years. Optimal adhesive strength is guaranteed on all dust-free surfaces, so it can be applied with confidence.

Available colours

Lead grey

Lead grey is a great color when you're a fan of using lead, but also realize there are lead replacements around which will make your job easier. When we designed Leadax Flashing, we wanted to make sure you don't have to compromise on aesthetics. The result is Leadax Flashing: a lead replacement with the look-and-feel of traditional lead. Since you will not be able to spot a difference between traditional lead and Leadax Flashing we aptly named this color lead grey.


Lead grey is a great color, but sometimes it "just doesn't cut it". When your roof tiles are black and you want the waterproofing material to blend in with its surroundings, you had no choice but to go for lead grey. Up till now. Leadax Flashing in black is a great lead alternative to lead, but offers some major benefits, not just aesthetically. Leadax Flashing is easy to process, available ánd applicable in 6 metre lengths and up to 80% lighter than lead. Your back will thank you.


Imagine sitting outside your patio in Ibiza, drinking a sweet Mojito and enjoying the late afternoon summer sun. You lift your sunglasses to take a look at the pool and you're contemplating if it's a good idea to go for a swim. It's getting late already, but since it's so warm it might be nice to do so, after which you'll take a shower and get ready for the evening.

But then, all the sudden, something catches your eye and your jaw drops to the floor. You can't believe what you're seeing. You're shivering, you're getting cold, although it's still so warm. For a moment you're thinking about calling your partner to discuss the monstrosity in front of you: Your beautiful, dimly lit white patio has a lead grey waterproofing product. Eww.. 

From now on, you don't have to worry about this anymore. Leadax Flashing is also available in white.


Did you know? The word terracotta has its origins in Italy and literally means "baked earth". The clay has been used for many, many years. The oldest terracotta pottery known to date was created in 24.000 BC. However, its most famous use has to be the China's Terracotta Army: a terracotta collection of 8.000 soldiers and 520 horses, which belonged to the First Emperor of China, in the Emperor Qin Shi Huang's mausoleum (246 to 208 BCE). Only much later in 1974 it was discovered by local Chinese farmers.

Next to that, the beautiful red/orange color is also being used on houses. It's good to know Leadax Flashing is available in this great color as well.


Copper is a great colour. That's it.

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Valley application

Leadax lead replacement is a perfect alternative to the zinc valley. One of the benefits Leadax lead replacement has over using zinc is that our product does not have to be formed in the workshop, but can be applied right on the job. This saves time and man-hours. In addition, our lead replacement can be applied in roll lengths of 6 metres. Also, it does not respond to changes in temperature. Even after many years it will not show any cracks on the surface. Since our lead replacement has the look-and-feel of traditional lead it is also suitable for the renovation of heritage buildings.

Dormer application

Leadax lead replacement can either be applied directly on the roof, or pre-installed in the workshop, depending on your personal preference. Our lead replacement is available in lead grey, black and terracotta, so it always matches your roof and dormer. Leadax lead replacement is just as robust as lead, so there's no risk involved of the product being affected by the wind. Just to be sure we do advise to use a Hybrid Polymer Sealant to adhere the lead replacement to the roof tiles.

Chimney application

Since Leadax lead replacement has so many uses, it's also perfectly suitable to replace lead in chimney applications. Our lead replacement is applied the same way as lead, including soakers and step flashing. The result is a chimney with a lead replacement, that's indistinguishable from lead at first sight. Moreover, our lead replacement has expanded metal, which makes it easy to trim it to the right size.



Mould Leadax Easy SA around roof tiles or difficult details. The Leadax roller is a simple tool to ensure you get the best finish to your Leadax Easy SA installation. Easy to use for professional results.

Leadax scissors

With the Leadax scissors you can cut our lead replacement to size easily.

Leadax high-tack sealant (MS polymer)

High performance, strong adhesive sealant with an MS Polymer-base and a very high initial adhesion. It forms a durable bond to tiles, slates, mortar, and brickwork. Ideal for Leadax Easy SA and Leadax Original overlaps.


Circular waterproofing materials for the world of today