Leadax launches two new self-adhesive lead replacements


Today, Leadax launches two new self-adhesive lead replacements: Leadax Easy FA and Leadax Easy SA. The first product is completely self-adhesive, while the latter has two self-adhesive strips. These products are thinner and weigh less than Leadax Original, while remaining just as durable. The raw material of these flashings is recycled polyvinyl butyral (r-PVB), which was formerly used in safety glass, such as car windows. This plastic waste used to be dumped or incinerated.

Leadax’ products can be recycled after their life cycles, so that the derived raw materials can be reused again for new Leadax’ products. In short, Leadax closes the loop. Several years ago, Leadax brought Leadax Original to market, the world’s first lead alternative with the same properties as traditional lead. This flashing product is already available in 15 countries. “Some installers, architects and contractors requested an even thinner product for certain markets and applications; preferably one that is self-adhesive, but just as strong as Leadax Original,” according to Leadax CEO Roeland van Delden. “We have listened to these desires. On top of that, Leadax Easy SA and Leadax Easy FA can easily be installed by hand.”

Designed to dismantle
Leadax is fully committed to the circular economy, as they are using waste as raw material. Additionally, Leadax Easy is the first self-adhesive lead replacement which is fully ‘designed to dismantle’. The butyl is adhered to the PVB in such a way that it can be easily removed again at the end of Leadax Easy’s life cycle, without making any concessions to the adhesive strength during and after application. This feature means that Leadax Easy is completely removable, recyclable and therefore circular.

With the production of these products, Leadax is working towards a more sustainable world with less waste, and at the same time it is working on innovations within the construction sector.

Circular waterproofing materials for the world of today