Leadax and Wienerberger sign agreement for European distribution Leadax Roov


During the World Expo in Dubai, CCO of Wienerberger Solveig Menard-Galli and CEO of Leadax Roeland van Delden signed the agreement for the European distribution of Leadax Roov, a circular and innovative roofing membrane. At the same time, Leadax held the global launch of Leadax Roov itself. Leadax Roov will be made available in the Netherlands from the beginning of 2022, and other European countries will follow subsequently.

Like other Leadax’s products, Leadax Roov is made from recycled plastic waste (r-PVB). Leadax Roov is a circular product, specially made for flat and slightly sloping roofs and can be recycled again at the end of its lifecycle. Leadax Roov is off-white, which gives it a substantial reflection value. Leadax develops roof products that are, among other things, lightweight, easy to process and applicable to various roof systems. 

150 Eiffel Towers 

Award-winning company Leadax uses recycled polyvinyl butyral as a raw material for its waterproofing products, such as lead substitutes and flat roofing. This plastic is normally being incinerated or dumped. In Europe alone, 1.5 billion kilos of PVB waste are available every year, which is the weight of 150 Eiffel Towers.

European partnership

Wienerberger aims to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, in accordance with the European Green Deal. In order to achieve this, they consistently improve their strategic focus areas: circular economy, decarbonization of production processes and new application technologies. By using circular materials such as Leadax Roov, Wienerberger expects to fullfill this goal.

Circular waterproofing materials for the world of today