Application of Leadax Roov

Application of Leadax Roov

Our newest product, Leadax Roov, is the world's most sustainable flat roofing material, made from plastic waste. The owner of this bungalow in Lunteren, the Netherlands, wanted his home to be as sustainable as possible. That's why Leadax Roov was a perfect fit. Since Leadax Roov is off-white the solar panel yield is higher. Indoor temperatures are also cooler because of this colour. 

Leadax Roov is:

✅ Completely circular

✅ Durable and designed to dismantle

✅ Low carbon footprint

✅ Reflective off-white

✅ Created for multiple systems like green roofing

✅ Available from the beginning of 2022 in the Netherlands, with other European countries soon to follow

For more information about Leadax Roov, please visit the Leadax Roov product page.

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