Global Launch

Global launch of Leadax Roov

Leadax Roov is a circular and innovative roofing membrane. We gladly announce our partnership with Wienerberger. Read more about it in the press release.


Sustainable Development Goals

We are committed to reach the United Nations' Sustainable Development goals. These goals address global issues we face regarding poverty, climate change, inequality, peace, environmental degradation and justice.

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Our basic raw material is recycled PVB, which is used as safety foil in laminated glass, such as car windows.


Recycle and reuse

After our products' lifetime they can be recycled and reused again as new Leadax. We use PVB waste as our raw material.


Made to last

Leadax is made to last without loss of quality. The life expectancy is at least 30 years.


Award-winning products

Leadax has won multiple awards for its waterproofing products, based on their innovativeness, circularity and sustainability.


Closing the loop

Leadax produces fully circular products. We contribute to making the world more sustainable. Thus, we are closing the loop.

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Leadax waterproofs several roofs at Floriade with its circular and sustainable roofing materials


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Leadax and Wienerberger sign agreement for European distribution Leadax Roov


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Energy neutral

Practice what you preach. Therefore Leadax has the most sustainable production process possible. For example, the production facility is energy neutral as the entire roof is covered with solar panels. Leadax also uses bicycles to go back and forth in the plant. Also there is an efficient system for using packaging material. Besides reducing large amounts of waste as raw material for the product, the production process itself is designed to be fully sustainable.

Leadax creates building materials with a future, not of the future

Polyvinyl butyral (PVB) is the plastic foil in safety glass which could not be reused, until now. There is an abundance of PVB waste available worldwide. In Europe alone, 1.5 billion kilograms of PVB waste are added to this enormous pile of plastic waste. Every year. For comparison: This is the weight of 150 Eiffel towers. Besides that, current products for waterproofing buildings are not sustainable, have a large carbon footprint and are (often) toxic. If we want to reach the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations in creating a sustainable environment, this problem has to be solved.

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