Waterproof your building with Leadax

With our circular and sustainable waterproofing building materials we are on a mission to change the world for the better.



Our basic raw material is recycled PVB, which was formerly used in safety glass, such as car windows.



Leadax has won multiple awards for its waterproofing products. The awards recognize the product's innovativeness, circularity and sustainability.



Leadax is made to last without loss of quality. The life expectancy is at least 20 years.



Leadax has been approved by roofers and construction workers worldwide.



Leadax produces fully circular products and thus contributes to making the world more sustainable.

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Leadax lead replacement is now available in white


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Leadax wins ING Circular Business Award!


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Energy Neutral

Practice what you preach. Therefore Leadax has the most sustainable production process as possible. For example, the entire plant is energy neutral as the entire roof of our Dutch factory is fully covered with solar panels. Leadax also uses bicycles to go back and forth in the plant. Also there is an efficient system for using packaging material, . Besides reducing large amounts of waste as raw material for the product, also the production process itself is designed to be fully sustainable.

Leadax creates building materials with a future, not of the future

In 2019 we built our second brand new production facility and new headquarters in the Netherlands. Our new production line is the blueprint to copy-paste to cities where a lot of cars are driving (meaning a lot of pvb-waste available) and where cars are driving, people live and work, meaning that they have roofs that need waterproofing. This is scaling up and closing the loop.

In this way, we plan to expand our production activities to 8 countries in the year 2025.

Using today's waste to prevent global waste forever.